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Huawei tool

Huawei IMEI changer

Huawei imei changer

Huawei imei changer

Change IMEI;
Change hardware number;
Change sn;
Voice activation;
No flashing instantly.

GUI and CLI modes

Windows, Linux any distributives.

List of models (and other possible support):E153,E180,E153U-1,E158,E153U-2, E1550,E173,E171,E160,E160X,E160G,E3131,E303,E158,E169,E352,E353, E355,E357,E367,E368,E369,E372,E392,E397,E398,E612, E618,E620,E630, E660, E660A, E800,E870,E880,E968,EG162,EG162G,EG602,EG602G, EM770,K3517,K3520, K3710,K3715,K3772G,K3773,K3806,S4011,UMG181, E3131

Supports Hisilicon modems.

For windows users, select right dongle port:

Huawei usb com ports

Huawei usb com ports

Huawei changer wiki

Price $1500